First day without a nap and I wasn’t even that tired! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the second trimester. Is this the short one? I can’t remember… I feel so much better, which could be… View Post

I’ve suddenly had a fast-forward to thirteen weeks! I had my twelve week scan and was a bit further on than I thought – I must have ovulated on, like, day 2 of my cycle… View Post

Not so much sickness at all, this week – it’s amazing how something can take over your life so completely and then just creep away quietly so that you forget it was ever there. I’m… View Post

I’m feeling  a bit better this week in that I’m not so nauseous, but I’ve still had two naps today so perhaps I shouldn’t count my chickens, etc! My stomach is HUGE but I’m convinced… View Post

I had an early scan. I’m feeling more confident about things now – I felt I just had to be quite brave and get it over with, it felt like a massive waste of time… View Post

Yesterday and the day before, I felt so wiped out that I thought I had flu. I didn’t even really have sickness all the time, just all of the other illness symptoms – to the… View Post

*note: at time of publishing I am actually 22 weeks along with this pregnancy. I recorded my early pregnancy diaries with the intention of writing them up later, so forgive the delay. “The sickness has been… View Post

I completely missed out the early weeks when I was writing about my first pregnancy and realised, in hindsight, that really they were the most important. I think that once you get past the first… View Post