Thank you to the various people online who reminded me today that I needed to do a baby and body update – I hadn’t even realised that it was the 17th! And actually, loads of… View Post

I have used Pai Skincare products for years – they specialise in formulating for very sensitive and intolerant skin and, though I don’t have particularly touchy skin at all, there are certain products I’ve relied on to… View Post

This has to be one of the best fifty pounds I’ve ever spent: I must have clocked up dozens of man hours, this week, pushing the new baby “Mini Cooper” about in the garden. Angelica… View Post

I didn’t know whether I’d carry on with these baby and body updates past a year – the ONE YEAR mark seemed a very natural place to stop and I did wonder whether people might get… View Post

Wah! One year! This time exactly twelve months ago (approximately 11am, as I write) I was lying on a trolley in the maternity unit, crying because I had done twenty four hours of early labour… View Post

Today is the first day that I will be with the baby but do absolutely no breastfeeds. Tomorrow she is one and our little breastfeeding journey seems to have come to a natural, contented end. I have to… View Post

Well alright, not actually last night, a night about two months ago. Possibly longer, now. A Whisbear saved my life. Alright, it didn’t save my life, but it did save my sanity. And to think –… View Post

This month can mainly be characterised by separation anxiety (mine) and growth spurts (baby’s). Last week I did a three day stint in France followed by a two day stint and I had worked myself up… View Post

As I’ve mentioned many a time, we really struggled to get into a routine with Angelica. Perhaps because for the first few months we were sort of homeless, or at least drifting, because our house… View Post

I was hesitant as to whether I’d ever write this post on luxury changing bags because mostly, for the first few months, I got by without a changing bag at all and just bunged everything I… View Post

A month of discovery: if you put a baby down in a cot during the daytime then they might just nap. Who knew?! I mean, it takes a bit of perseverance at first, and there’s… View Post