This month can mainly be characterised by separation anxiety (mine) and growth spurts (baby’s). Last week I did a three day stint in France followed by a two day stint and I had worked myself up… View Post

As I’ve mentioned many a time, we really struggled to get into a routine with Angelica. Perhaps because for the first few months we were sort of homeless, or at least drifting, because our house… View Post

I was hesitant as to whether I’d ever write this post on luxury changing bags because mostly, for the first few months, I got by without a changing bag at all and just bunged everything I… View Post

A month of discovery: if you put a baby down in a cot during the daytime then they might just nap. Who knew?! I mean, it takes a bit of perseverance at first, and there’s… View Post

I bought these M&S pram shoes assuming they’d be so useless at staying on that I’d end up putting them on a shelf as a little memento or writing them off as something nice to put… View Post

I’d say that this was an impromptu purchase, but actually I had done quite a bit of research on travel cots so it was more of an emergency purchase than anything else. I ordered the BabyBjorn Travel Cot… View Post

Oh, so many changes this month. It’s an exciting milestone too, the nine month one, because it’s “clothes-size-change month”. Which means having a proper excuse to buy more baby clothes because obviously everything is now completely the… View Post

I’m writing this on the train because – as usual – I’ve run out of time and I have a proper thing about getting these update posts out on the right day. Fortunately I have… View Post

I love this idea from Don’t Buy Her Flowers: a complete date night in a box. Just add lingerie and perhaps a good movie. Or in our case, a baby monitor and The Good Wife on Netflix! The package includes… View Post