It’s always a bit of a problem to know what to wear in the early days of breastfeeding, when you’re still recovering from the birth and you’re basically a sodden mass of milky skin and… View Post

At 37 weeks pregnant I’m down to the last pair of pants that don’t irritate my c-section scar, don’t fall down and don’t cut into my bump and make it all itchy. Maternity knickers are… View Post

Oh, when you’re massively pregnant, what to wear, what to wear? Everyone congratulated me on my timing with this pregnancy (like I had any say in it), ooh, you’ll be glad that you’re doing the winter… View Post

A male friend asked me the other day why so many pregnancy garments were printed with horizontal stripes. (Actually a female friend asked me this too. It seems to be a common query.) “Isn’t the… View Post

I interrupt normal service to tell you that the leopard print bardot dress I wore in my pregnancy announcement video has been reduced to £19.50 at ASOS. They style it as a sort of off-the-shoulder… View Post

Eternally on the hunt for the softest, most unstructured bras I can find, I was overjoyed when this one from Freya came through my postbox for me to try. It’s the new(ish) Bralette from the Freya Fancies… View Post