Don’t panic, but this might be the last monthly update on The Uphill in its current form. I’m considering merging my two websites together, so that beauty and style content from A Model Recommends sits alongside life updates… View Post

I think, for the first time, my self-imposed monthly update deadline may have beaten me. I do not have a single ounce of energy to type up my thoughts or think of witty things to… View Post

I must stop writing these updates at the last minute – although, why change what is now such an established habit? I think that the majority of the monthly updates I’ve written (and I’ve done… View Post

This is where I’m supposed to write “how time flies!” “I can’t believe Ted is a year old already!” or “it seems like only yesterday that Ted was a tiny newborn wrapped in a little… View Post

Sorry about the radio silence: things got a bit too much before Christmas, what with moving house again and not having any regular help with the chicklings and all of that jazz. I didn’t even… View Post

This will be the quickest baby update I’ve ever done because I have no internet and my 4G is – to put it mildly – temperamental. You should see me – I’m huddled over my… View Post

I genuinely thought that I would be able to kick this post off with some amazing news; the day after I wrote about Ted’s persistent night-wakings, I implemented some changes and he had the most… View Post

I expect you’ve realised that things are a bit crazy at the moment; I have barely had the time to go online at all, let alone write anything, and when I do get a spare… View Post

It has been a rather stressful month – perhaps one of the most stressful of my life, when I come to think of it. Though – thankfully – it’s more administrative stress than anything unsolvable.… View Post

Wah – six whole months! The time is flying by far too fast. I keep finding myself getting very weepy every time Ted the baby does something remotely non-newborn-ish, like, er, growing a tooth. I… View Post

This is the very first time in just over two years that I’ve very nearly missed posting my baby update on the proper day. It used to be on the 17th of every month, now… View Post