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If you’ve come over here from A Model Recommends then you’ll already undoubtedly know a bit about me. If you haven’t, and you’d like to catch up, then there’s an About Me section on that website as well. There’s bound to be some crossover between the two – it’s just me, writing both of them – and so where relevant I will always pop in links to other posts and features that you might find interesting. But really, I do want to keep The Uphill quite separate from A Model Recommends; I’ve set up this blog to be a more informal, personal site that doesn’t require so much in the way of upkeep and admin and that allows me to simply sit down and pour out my thoughts. An online diary, if you like. You’ll notice a lack of glossy product and lifestyle images – those belong on A Model Recommends – and you might also (hopefully not too often!) notice a grammatical error or spelling mistake. That’s because I really do want things to be free and easy on here – no stress, lovely conversation and, with any luck, a few laughs.

I’m 34 at the time of writing this page (January 2015), and 21 weeks pregnant with my first child. For the past few years, through trying for a baby and the associated stresses and strains, I have really been forced to take a good look at my life and work out which parts of it are most important to me. I’ve changed as a person, become less cynical, more open to change, less set in my ways and far less worried about the small, unimportant things that tend to cloud all of our emotions and affect our judgements. I’ve gone from a pent-up ball of itchy, hive-producing stress to a rather more calm and positive woman and I suppose that this blog, The Uphill, is where I want to talk about these changes and document my ups and downs.

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I am inordinately proud of my beauty and lifestyle website A Model Recommends, but I have been yearning for some kind of “new start” or “clean slate” to coincide with the changes that I’ve made in my life. I moved from East London just over a year ago, and I now live right next to a river with my husband, my (very large) cat Mr Bear and my dog, Dexter.

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I work incredibly hard, but I now know when to stop for the day. I still try to take care of my body, but I now focus on keeping it strong and healthy rather than worrying about my size. (Being a model for well over a decade does take its toll on body image, somewhat!) I love fashion, I adore beauty, but I know that I’m entering a new era and I really do want to be able to record my thoughts and feelings without changing the tone and general “lean” of my main website.

the uphill pregnancy blog

And so here we are, The Uphill. I hope that in some small way, some of the posts here will be useful, or thought-provoking, or just entertaining, and so please do leave comments if you feel like it. You can find me on Twitter and on Instagram and if you’re a lover of animal photos then my pets have their own account (I know, please don’t judge) here.

Ruth x

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