A new feature for you, to supplement the written monthly updates that you read here on the blog; Parenting Highs and Lows will be a chatty, rambling video about all of the good and bad things that… View Post

I know that it feels very unseasonal to be talking about ice lollies, but they’re the most-requested treat in our household (both me with my Mint Magnums and Angelica with her Mini Milks!) regardless of… View Post

Ted is now the proud owner of a miniature parka – the last member of the family to get one. I virtually live in my green parkas – I have a few in various states… View Post

In my second post with Huggies Pure Wipes (the first one, The Art of Nappy Changing, is here) I want to run through some of my most-used baby products for bath and body. I could fill… View Post

What with all of this sleep talk (Ted is sleeping through, just about – read the latest update here) I thought I’d touch upon some of the changes we made to Ted’s cot and nursery… View Post

OK so I’m going to – tentatively – put it out there that my baby sleep-inducing methods might actually be working. We’ve had five nights in a row of solid sleep from 11pm-7am, which is… View Post

When Vicks BabyRub got in touch with me to see whether or not I would like to write this post, my first thought wasn’t “ooh, what would I tell myself as a first time Mum?” but… View Post

I’ve just been reading a post I wrote when Angelica was tiny; How I Got My Baby To Sleep Through The Night. Goodness, she was a piece of cake in comparison to Ted! And I was… View Post

Sorry about the radio silence: things got a bit too much before Christmas, what with moving house again and not having any regular help with the chicklings and all of that jazz. I didn’t even… View Post

News: my trusty Snuzpod is going to be a cosy sleeping place for a fourth newborn baby! No, I’m not pregnant again, merely loaning out one of the best baby gadgets that money can buy. Can a… View Post

This is the first of three posts that I’m writing in collaboration with Huggies Pure Wipes. A while ago, I started talking with Huggies about some ideas for features about nappy changing and I realised… View Post