The Multipurpose Maternity Cushion

babymoov maternity cushion

Well I have to say that the Mum and B Ergonomic Maternity Cushion from Babymoov has been a total Godsend. I used it continuously through the last trimester to get my back/legs/neck comfortable in bed and I have used it for almost every single feed since New Baby Ted was born. I often use it to prop myself up when I’m working on my laptop in the bedroom, and I have taken to lying Ted against it when he’s a bit irritable, so that he’s slightly upright but still supported. I can’t rave about the “Mum and B” enough, though “rave” seems too enthusiastic a word for something as boring as a cushion!

babymoov mum and b maternity cushion

The Babymoov Mum and B Maternity Cushion is a firm, kidney-shaped cushion filled with microbeads and shaped to be slightly “fuller” at both ends. Basically it’s a posh, well-designed beanbag that has just enough give to make it pliable and adaptable, but plenty of support so that you can really wedge it in places and prop things up. And by things, I mean legs, arms, babies, breasts… I’ve realised that there are so many situations when you need a bit of a helping hand with support, but normal pillows just won’t do. They’re either too soft, or the wrong shape, or too cumbersome. The Babymoov one seems to have been designed to be great for almost every pregnancy and post-partum purpose – I don’t know whether by fluke, or because they have some sort of genius researcher working for them. It’s perfect to shove beneath your arm when you’re breastfeeding a bigger baby, or for placing the whole baby on when they’re newborn, to bring them up to the right height. It would be brilliant, also, for supporting your arm and the baby when bottle-feeding, and it’s something of a lifesaver when you’ve had a C-section and want to do things on your side, but need extra support.

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There are plenty of good breastfeeding pillows out there – they often attach around your waist for a non-slip fit, or they have pockets to store essentials – but this is the first truly multi-functional cushion I’ve tried. It’s compact, so you don’t have to wang it about all over the shop as you try to arrange it around your body, and it’s easy to pull it from behind you when you’re ready to switch from “convalescent reading mode” to “breastfeeding mode”.  It looks clean and smart, which is important. No pale pink here, no purple unicorns, just a chic grey and off-white combo.

The cover is removable and washable, the cushion is a clever shape and a discreet sort of size that doesn’t turn your bedroom into some weird sausage-pillow den: what’s not to love? I’d buy another without a moment’s hesitation, and I do think that it would make a good gift, if the person in question hadn’t already splurged on all of the other (more widely publicised) maternity pillows. Because if you’ve already got a collection of those gargantuan full-body-hug pillows then the last thing you want is another cushion to add to the pile…

You can find the Mum and B Cushion at Amazon here* – it’s £34.99. Take a look at the photos on the Amazon page to see suggestions for use – I meant to take a load of pictures of the cushion in various positions, but Ted fell asleep on it!

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  1. Vicky
    May 29, 2017 / 12:39 pm

    Sausage pillow den! Ha! That is my bed right there at 23 weeks pregnant.

  2. May 29, 2017 / 1:52 pm

    I had one of the huge pillows and wished formthe, to be smaller so many times! Or useable for anything else than feeding, because right now it is lying around taking up space…

  3. June 14, 2017 / 4:18 pm

    My feet were always sore when I was pregnant so it was hard to stay fit but once I started using compression socks I felt a lot better and they really helped. I could stand and so exercises for a lot longer without a problem.

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