I’ll keep the intro short here, because it’s a chatty video below and I don’t want to end up just typing out a sort of inaccurate, truncated transcript. So without further ado: things I’ve struggled… View Post

A new feature for you, to supplement the written monthly updates that you read here on the blog; Parenting Highs and Lows will be a chatty, rambling video about all of the good and bad things that… View Post

Do not adjust your television sets: the title at the top of this page does indeed show that this video post should have been published in June. I’m afraid I have been feeling a little… View Post

I’ve been filming some videos with the very lovely (and highly amusing) Poppy Dinsey from poppyd.com. Poppy is pregnant with twins and so we thought we’d start off with our favourite pregnancy products to see… View Post

The title of this video is totally self-explanatory; there’s really not much I can add. It’s another Day In The Life video, filmed a few weeks ago, and I think I look as though I’m slightly… View Post

I filmed this video months ago – Ted was only nine weeks old! – but forgot to edit the footage. So here it is, better late than never, a whole day in my life with “two… View Post

(About this photo: sometimes Mother takes photos of me on her mobile phone, and then she looks at them at says “ooh now that’s a lovely one”, and then she sends it and I expect it to… View Post

Lots of people requested I make a video on the contents of my hospital bag, so here it is – to be very honest, it’s not much different to the bag I took with me… View Post

Lots happening this week, including the threat of Gestational Diabetes (massive baby measurements, especially abdominal, so I am having to check my blood sugar levels four times a day) and so I’ve stuck it all… View Post

I hate the word “haul” but I’m not sure what else to call this video other than “Ruth shows you the mountain of baby clothes that has been accumulating in the corner of the room”.… View Post

I think that many of you might have guessed at this news already; trying to keep something like this a secret when you write about yourself on a regular basis (and appear in videos, in… View Post