Right, don’t panic: the monthly update is over on A Model Recommends. I have started to put the wheels in motion to merge the content here on The Uphill with my main website and so I thought that… View Post

We have movement! After weeks of feeling around for strange bubblings and “butterflies”, the bubblings and butterflies have come to me! No manipulation of the stomach area necessary. Now that I can feel them, the… View Post

If you read Pregnancy Week 19 then you may have come back looking for Pregnancy Week 20 and been disappointed, because it wouldn’t have been here. I had a bit of a crisis of confidence, wondering whether I really did want… View Post

This has become something of a daily sport, watching to see when – at what precise moment – my belly button will stop being in “inny” and start being an “outy”. I won’t pretend that… View Post

You may wonder why I’m starting to write about my pregnancy nineteen weeks in. There are a few reasons, but I didn’t really want to go into them in the very first post as it’s all… View Post