(About this photo: sometimes Mother takes photos of me on her mobile phone, and then she looks at them at says “ooh now that’s a lovely one”, and then she sends it and I expect it to… View Post

Well, this is rather a spanner in the old works; I’m having to test four times a day for gestational diabetes due to the (apparent) gargantuan size of the baby within. It’s not actually too… View Post

Lots happening this week, including the threat of Gestational Diabetes (massive baby measurements, especially abdominal, so I am having to check my blood sugar levels four times a day) and so I’ve stuck it all… View Post

OK, let’s take a look at what’s been happening with the old bod for the last few weeks. Because man have I been tired. I don’t remember being quite this physically exhausted last time at this stage… View Post

Something a bit different, this week, because I’ve recorded my pregnancy diary on video. Lazy? Perhaps, but it has been one of those trying times when the whole household has been ill and I’ve been… View Post

Oh! Where did the posts for weeks 27 and 28 go? I’m so sure that I wrote them! I also filmed some vlogs, but I have no idea where the footage is. Perhaps I’m finally… View Post

My belly is like a water balloon – I’m honestly getting scared to bend forward in case I burst it! Trying to shepherd the baby toddler up the stairs is becoming quite a task, so is… View Post

How magnificent! I’ve finally caught up with the pregnancy diaries. I’m writing this live, not typing up something from my iPhone notes that feels as though it was written in the prehistoric times. I can moan… View Post

This week has been mainly dominated with my concern for my C-Section scar and my irritation levels about the fact that all of my underwear seems to be slipping down from my bump and creasing in the… View Post

Oooh, where have I been? Naughty naughty diary writer! I must be feeling better, as I’ve stopped writing down all of my moans and gripes. I’m only back to tell you all about my stomach issues… I’ve… View Post

I’m pretty sure I’ve been feeling some movements for the last couple of days. I can’t be entirely sure whether it’s just digestion but I remember thinking the same thing last time (quite a bit… View Post