Quite a few people have asked me about the things I’ve found most useful during my c-section recovery, so here they are – I’ve divided the products into two groups, one for immediately after surgery… View Post

I wrote the post that begins further down the page when I was twenty days post-partum, and completely forgot to publish it. Looking back, I had no idea how completely low I was. I feel great now, but… View Post

Five things that will (ok, might) happen after you’ve given birth. Now look, I’ve had two c-sections and so I’m no expert on things that happen to the female form after a vaginal birth, but I’ve… View Post

OK this isn’t my birth story, obviously – if I was reporting on my own birth it would be just odd. I don’t remember any of it. Really the title should be My Story of The Birth, or something,… View Post

I thought I’d write a little about my c-section recovery, at least for the first week. I’ve had loads of people asking me questions about it, some who are booked in for caesarean sections themselves… View Post

Lots of people requested I make a video on the contents of my hospital bag, so here it is – to be very honest, it’s not much different to the bag I took with me… View Post

I’ve come to a conclusion about the whole VBAC thing. You’ll be pleased to know. Bloody good job, really, as the baby could be here at any minute, surprising me before my elective section! This post… View Post

Firstly, thank you so much for all of your comments on the previous VBAC post. I really found them very useful, and somehow quite reassuring – it’s easy to get lost in your own thoughts and think… View Post

Oh I’m having a right old quandary at the moment. This VBAC vs Planned C-Section business. It’s getting near to the time when I have to decide how I want to give birth and all… View Post

Call me naive, but I wasn’t really properly prepared for any of the things that happen to your body once you’ve given birth. I had a bit of a mental block about anything post-pregnancy, including… View Post

Right. Apologies. I meant to start this at week 1 and give you all the gory details (bodily fluids, bruises, etc) but the time has absolutely flown by and I now have a baby who is ONE… View Post