These sports markers give me such horrendous PE flashbacks; the gym teacher (Miss Lawton) barking instructions at us as we stood shivering in the cold, watching her jog along in her shell suit, throwing the… View Post

Just a quick post: some higher-tog sleepsuits for those with f-f-f-f-freezing houses. (To be fair, it’s not that bad now that we’ve worked out the heating, but it still gets a little bit nippy in… View Post

I know that it feels very unseasonal to be talking about ice lollies, but they’re the most-requested treat in our household (both me with my Mint Magnums and Angelica with her Mini Milks!) regardless of… View Post

In my second post with Huggies Pure Wipes (the first one, The Art of Nappy Changing, is here) I want to run through some of my most-used baby products for bath and body. I could fill… View Post

What with all of this sleep talk (Ted is sleeping through, just about – read the latest update here) I thought I’d touch upon some of the changes we made to Ted’s cot and nursery… View Post

News: my trusty Snuzpod is going to be a cosy sleeping place for a fourth newborn baby! No, I’m not pregnant again, merely loaning out one of the best baby gadgets that money can buy. Can a… View Post

We are still rather discombobulated here, in the City of Bath. Our rented house is utter chaos, mainly due to the fact that I am using 90% of it as my office/storage facility and have… View Post

I have a bag in my office filled with empty shampoo and body wash bottles, finished tubes of face lotion, cleaned-out tubs of cream. An outsider would think they had stumbled upon some sort of… View Post

I find myself with another metal-and-plastic monstrosity in the living room (though it’s a different living room, as we’re still in our temporary house in Bath): the Fisher Price Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo*. A nightmarish jumble… View Post

I’m a total sucker for a bit of personalisation; whether it’s a suitcase with a fancy monogram or gold initials embossed on the front of a dainty little notebook, things just feel that much more… View Post

Well I have to say that the Mum and B Ergonomic Maternity Cushion from Babymoov has been a total Godsend. I used it continuously through the last trimester to get my back/legs/neck comfortable in bed and I… View Post